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Clarke Reynolds

About Me

Born in 1981 in Portsmouth, Clarke Reynolds began his life journey with a unique perspective, one shaped by limited sight and profound resilience. Despite facing the challenges of domestic violence and alcohol abuse in his childhood, Clarke found solace and expression through drawing. His sketchbook became his sanctuary, a space where he could escape and create.Clarke's artistic path took a pivotal turn when he was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, leading to the eventual loss of sight in his right eye at the age of just 6, since then he has lost the sight in his left eye leaving him with just 5 degrees of vision. These ife-altering events steered him away from his career as a dental model maker, but also opened a new door to the world of art. It was through his discovery of textiles that Clarke realised he could translate the tactility of fabrics and the dimension of sound into visual art, crafting pieces that are not only seen but felt.

Embracing his journey, Clarke now dedicates his time to creating art in his Portsmouth studio and teaching Braille, including leading a class named after him at London’s Kings Cross Academy. His passion for Braille, a vital tool for 30,000 people in the UK, is evident in his commitment to promoting its benefits.Represented by Grove Gallery for his original artwork representation , Clarke has also made his unique prints available through his website and via His artistic journey reached a milestone with his first large solo exhibition at Quantus Gallery in Shoreditch back in January 2023. Since then, Clarke's influence and recognition have rapidly expanded. He has appeared live on Sky News discussing his exhibition "The Power of Touch," collaborated with Lego for their first Braille collection, and played a key role in introducing Braille into restaurants, as well as speaking in front of a diverse group of people ranging from students to politicians around his art & sight loss.Clarke's story and work have not only captured media attention, being featured on ITV, Daily Express, and Forbes India, but have also resonated deeply with audiences worldwide. His art is not just a representation of his personal journey, but a testament to the power of resilience, innovation, and the human spirit's ability to adapt and create beauty in the face of challenges.