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Clarke Reynolds

The Power of Touch’

‘The Power of Touch’, invites its visitors to touch, feel and experience Reynolds’ distinctive Braille art. Sighted members are given special glasses where they can sample the art the same way a blind / partially sighted person would.

Through the tactile language of raised circular dots, Reynolds expresses his journey as an artist, bringing to life the experience of those who are blind or visually impaired in a way that is both visually stunning and emotionally moving. “Obviously, when I learnt Braille three years ago, it was like ‘how can I make it accessible for everyone?’, and I was like, well, Braille is not meant to be seen,” explains the artist.

“Then I had the idea of giving it colour and behind you, they look like something very pop-arty, but the colours aren’t random. So what I did… I looked at the commonality of letters appearing in words, then used colour theory, so they weren’t just random colours I plucked out of the air,” he adds.

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Created by: Clarke Reynolds, aka The Blind Braille Artist

The Power of Morphing Communication

All I can say about this project its been the most enjoyable and important piece I have ever created standing proud in London in partnership with Whizz Kidz and Wild in Art this 6ft tall Morph was part of the epic Morph adventure with 56 other sculptures adorned around London in a first step free sculpture trail. My Morph was made too look like me in my Braille suit with his white cane and glasses the front was inspirational words such as INCLUSION and on the back the whole alphabet. The response has been fantastic raising awareness around sight loss and how a blind person is perceived in the creative industry in three months over half million people have interacted with him AMAZING lets see how much he will raise at the auction in September...

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Portsmouth Artist Clarke Reynolds Opens New Exhibition

Journey by Dots’ at Aspex

Journey by Dots will present Clarke Reynolds’ most ambitious collection of work to date in the artist’s first solo exhibition at a major gallery. The exhibition at Aspex runs at the gallery in Gunwharf Quays from (8th April to the 26th June 2022.

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